Friday, October 29, 2010

The Finish

Sorry for the delay in posting this.
We arrived in Paris at the finish in 2nd place in the Pioneer class.
The Gala Banquet was a great night for every one to dress up.
We were meet in Paris by my niece Lisa and James

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2 1/2 days to go

The last few days have been very wet and late.
All is going well and we are now close to the end.
This has been a quick update while waiting for breakfast to start.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 28 leaving Iran

This day saw us leaving Iran for Turkey.
The welcome from the Iranian people was the most enthusastic we've seen for the trip.
On the way to the border the local farmer were harvesting sunflowers by hand and drying the seeds on the edge of the road. Most of the farming in Iran is still all hand harvesting with some of the thrashing being done by small machines.
When we entered Turkey Mount Ararat was on the right but the top was not visiable for cloud.
As we got near the end of the day all the farmers where along the road selling there crops, like all the countries we have traveled through. In turkey we saw the biggest Cabbages ever about 400 to 500mm across.

Day 29

I'm doing the update and days back the front to catch up a bit.
Started out as the most kilometres of the rally and ended up being 16 hour in the car on the road. It rained nearly all day. On the way to the first time trial we wondered along through rural villiges and farm land to climd up and down some huge mountians which would have been fantastic if clear.
The day was mared by Micheal and Anne in Car 38 going of the edge in a slipery corner luckily neither were hurt. All cars got dirty including the drivers in the open cars with out mug gaurds on the wheels.
We eventully arrived at our Hotel at 10 pm at night for a quick feed and shower before falling in to bed.

Day 30

We have internet and time again.
This afternoon Carl was so happy as I'd promised him snow at some time on the trip and today the weather delivered. It statred out a very cold clear day after yesterdays rain. We drove for the day through the most amazing scenery and ended at this mountian resort that had 50mm of snow last night. So we stop on the way for a quick play.
200 metres from the resort we broke the eye off one of the Mongolian springs we had fitted back in Khovd so luckly we had the good ones we picked up in Almaty.

Carl is out side in the cold and cloud fitting the new main leaves while I do a bit on the Blog.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It looks like the photoes didn't upload sorry so i'll try again another night.

Day 27 Update

What a great drive today we started of at the edge of the Caspian Sea in pouring rain and headed of the range towards Tabriz. The road to the top was the longest uphill road I've driven, in 35 kilometres we climbed 7500 feet so it was a second gear haul most of the way. the Uphill side from the caspian was temprate rain forest and as soon as we crested the range the Sun was out and it changed to dry desert mountians. 

Later in the Day we crossed another range and the down hill side was mostly a road that desended as step as 1 in 7 but mostly 1 in 10. So we needed to stop twice to let our brakes cool even using 1st gear all the way down.

The welcome from the people of Iran has been the most enthusastic that we have had for the whole trip. Most of the towns people are out on the street waving and taking photos. and as soon as you stop, the cars are just swamped with people.

This is just a quick update as the days are long and we end up very tired and just fall in to bed to start it all over again the next day.